Marche Italy
Mountainous Region Near the Adriatic Coast 

Marche Italy

Italy is divided up into twenty different regions - Marche being one of them. Region capital is Ancona - a port city on the Riviera del Conero. The region is located about half way down the Eastern coast of the country and bordered on one side by the Adriatic Sea. Marche Italy contains some of the most spectacular views this peninsula has to offer with spectacular beaches with sandy coves surrounded by limestone cliffs. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful place to visit while in this amazing country, a stop in Marche region may be just for you. With medieval villages, picturesque scenery, breathtaking Adriatic coastline, award winning wine and ample things to do, Marche region has something to offer every traveler. 


Marche Italy Holidays and Tours

 Marche Walking Holiday Between Mounts and Sea

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Marche Walking Holiday Between Mounts and Sea - Viator

This stretch of coastline offers visitors the best of both worlds: basking at pristine white rock beaches or hiking coastal trails completely immersed in nature. At 572 metres, the mountain provides travellers amazing views of picturesque limestone cliffs that contrast strikingly with the deep blues of the Adriatic Sea. On this eco-friendly walking tour led by a local naturalist you will experience the natural beauty of this stunning area up close, and familiarize yourself with its native species, both plants and wildlife, as well as the unique sites and ancient villages dotting the coastline.

Places of Interest & More About Marche Italy

This region is extremely hilly and mountainous. Except for a thin strip of coastline along the east, the rest of the territory is made up of steep hills and valleys which makes traveling from north to south an adventurous but scenic task. Winding roads offer beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, but driving can be quite the task.

Marche has a rich and vibrant history. Throughout the years many battles have been fought here and many different people have won rulership over the land. Perhaps one of the most important things that this territory is known for however, is for being the birthplace of the famous artist, Raphael. He was born on April 6th, 1483 in the city of Urbino.

Marche is also very well known worldwide for it’s high quality shoes that it produces. It has a long history of providing some of the finest examples of Italian footwear to the market. It is also a very popular wine tour destination, producing some fantastic wines that are worth sampling. The Marche Italy Wine region is an excellent stop for wine connoisseurs or for those looking to learn more about the production of fine Italian wines. This region was the birthplace of Cesare Mondavi, the founder of one of the world’s most successful wine dynasties and it is home to many other popular wineries as well. The unique climate here, some areas are cooler and mountainous while some are coastal and more tropical in temperature, create the perfect balance for producing high quality and distinctive wines. 

Taking a wine tour of some of the local wineries is one of the most popular things to do while in Le Marche. The wineries offer tours of their vineyards and wine cellars and also offer samples of some of their finest wines. Cooking classes or food tours are also popular in this region as are crafting and pottery classes. Renting a bicycle and riding along the winding roads and paths will provide magnificent views of this beautiful countryside as will a walking tour of one of the many historical and picturesque towns located here. 

Marche Italy Map & Train Tips

Train travel in Marche region is quite popular and very convenient. It is the preferred (and more relaxing) way to see all the sights here. A train can be taken from Bologna all the way down to Brindisi in the Italy's "heel", people have enjoyed this method of travel in this region since the railway’s construction in the early 19th century.

Ancona railway station, which is sometimes called Ancona Centrale is the main train station which offers High-Speed regional service as well as Intercity travel by this preferred type of transportation. From here you can easily reach other great Italian destination like Bari, Lecce, Pescara, Rimini and even Rome.

Below you'll find a Marche map to help plan your trip to this amazingly beautiful region. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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