Menaggio Italy
Popular Lake-Side Town in Lombardy Region

Menaggio Italy

The town of Menaggio Italy, which also happens to be a commune is located in northern Italy, on the western shore of Lake Como in the province by the same name - Como. It is considered one of the most visited communes in the lake Como area. Menaggio's popularity is mostly due to the surrounding lake area and all the tourist activities that are associated with that as well as just sightseeing and gazing from afar at the memorable beauty that happens to be this region of Italy. 


More About Menaggio Italy

While other towns on Lake Come may be somewhat more picturesque, Menaggio is a happening town with an interesting crowd and good energy. Many travellers choose this town as the home base for exploring the province of Como, but more specifically - the middle region of Lake Garda. 

In town, the main square of Menaggio Italy is worth a visit because it is one of the main attraction in the town. One side of the Piazza Roma faces the water for a lovely view while enjoying a light snack and a cappuccino. There are plenty of small cafes, restaurants and shops explore near the historical town centre. 

There is a beautiful part of Menaggio behind the main square and that is the old town. Although not very large in size, it's very interesting to wander the streets, see the old  buildings, the small cathedral of Menaggio and feel a vibe that is of a different time altogether. 

Sports enthusiasts can rest assured that Menaggio Italy will not dissapoint, with all the cycling and hiking trails available in the surrounding hills and valleys. Come and breath some fresh air while trekking or cycling through the surrounding hills to other towns and villages on Lake Como, while using Menaggio as your home base for exploring the region. Inquire at the Menaggio Tourist Office in Piazza Garibaldi for some amazing trails to explore in the region. There's even an 18 hole golf corse nearby, for those of us who get the urge to drive some balls down the green. 

If you love boating and water sports, renting a boat might be a good option. Waterskiing is quite popular here as well as other exciting water related activities. For people who love swimming, a fresh dip in the lake on the pebble beach is just what the doctor ordered. Also, there are plenty of lodging options in the area that come with their own pool and a place where you can refresh and rejuvenate after a day ow walking the surrounding slopes of all kinds. 

Popular Communes Near Menaggio Italy

Lake Como, also known as Lario has many exciting tourist attractions and destinations near Menaggio Italy. Just south and just across the shore sits the world famous Bellagio, a quaint Italian village with a stunning view. Just a little south of Menaggio, we have another lovely commune called Tremezzo or Tremezzina and directly across the lake from our lovely town is Varenna, all of them being worthwhile visiting material - especially if you love the coast of Lake Como.

Menaggio Italy Map & Train Tips

To reach Menaggio Italy by train, you can take a train from Milan to Como and then take a ferry or a bus to Menaggio, which is quite scenic either way. For a different kind of a trip, you can take a train from Milan to Varenna Esino (the closest train station to Menaggio across the lake. You will most likely have to transfer at Lecco or Monza, depending on which station you depart from in Milan.

From Varenna you can take a ferry across Lake Como to Menaggio which is a 10 minute boat ride from shore to shore. A direct ferry works two departures and arrivals daily so check your embarking times. There are plenty of ferries that service the area, tickets are affordable and the service is super convenient while exploring this beautiful part of Italy. The ferry terminal is just south of town centre.

Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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