Milan Cathedral
Architectural Icon & World's Largest Gothic Church

Milan Cathedral

When passing through the capital of Lombardy region, one stop that is an absolute must is the Milan Cathedral. This one of a kind, incredible church took nearly 6 centuries to build and is sure to amaze everyone that comes to admire it. Adding the Milan Cathedral to your trip itinerary is sure to enhance your visit and leave you awestruck at the magnificence of this structure. 

If you plan on visiting Milan, it will be difficult not to see the Milan Cathedral. This church is located in central Milan and four of the main streets of the city, radiate out from its four sides. It is the largest church in all of Italy and the fourth largest church in the world. Its construction was started in 1386 and wasn’t completed until 1965. To this day - many consider the Milan Cathedral construction to be incomplete as there are blocks of stone that are still awaiting carving. 

Over the centuries, there were nearly 80 different architects and engineers that worked on designing and building this cathedral which is what has led to its unique style and mixture of different artistic designs. It consists of a combination of Gothic, Renaissance, Roman and even modern touches that make it the masterpiece that it is today. 

Point of Interest at the Milan Cathedral

  • The cathedral roof - For an extra fee, tourists can explore the magnificent sculptures, spires and pinnacles that make up the rooftop of this cathedral. It also offers a beautiful and unobstructed view of the surrounding city of Milan.
  • The nail from the crucifixion of Christ - Up in the ceiling of the church is a small red light bulb which marks a nail that is said to be one of the nails that was used to crucify Jesus Christ on the cross. Every year, during the Right of the Nivola, the nail is brought down and put on display.

  • The pipe organ - Built on Mussolini’s orders, the largest pipe organ in all of Italy is held in this Cathedral.

  • The Arcimboldi Monument - This monument is made of stunning red marble and depicts the Apostles.

Because it took centuries to build while embracing so many different architectural and artistic styles, the Milan Cathedral is sure to be a highlight of any Italian adventure. 

The Milan Cathedral is located centrally in the city of Milan and is easily accessible by public transit, taxi and Rideshare services and is in walking distance from many other local attractions and popular hotels. The Milano Centrale Railway Station is the largest train station in all of Europe and most major Italian rail routes make stops at this station, making visiting the Milan Cathedral easy for any traveler. 

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