Murano Italy
Famous Glass Making Capital of the World

Murano Italy

Murano Italy is a series of 7 islands linked by bridges and located in the Venetian Lagoon just north of the world famous floating city - about a kilometre and a half to be exact. It is a mere 10 minute ride by ferry from Venice to Murano and time well spent. The population of this vibrant town is just over 5,000. It earned its worldwide reputation for making beautiful glass sculptures loved by many around the globe. Murano used to be an independent commune, but now considered to be a small part of the city of Venice.


Museo del Vetro - Museum of Glass is probably the most popular tourist attraction on this cluster of Venetian Lagoon islands. Here you will experience the timeless craft of glass blowing which tells the story of the local culture that lasted for centuries. There are plenty of shops selling Murano-made souvenirs that you can take home with you for years of long lasting memories. You can find beautiful vases, sculptures. candelabras, chandeliers and so much more, all carefully hand crafted by the locals who passed on the tradition from generation to generation.

Wandering though the streets of Murano Italy, you will discover many amazing landmarks and buildings displaying elaborate builds that withstood the age of time. One of such structures is the Church of Santa Maria and San Donato built in the impressively executed Romanesque style.

If you are craving more of sightseeing around the island and would like to wander around and experience more monumental buildings, you are in luck! There are a few more landmarks that will definitely want to be explored like: Chiesa di San Pietro Martire, Campo Santo Stefano, Chiesa di San Pietro Martire, Campo Santo Stefano, Palazzo da Mula. Most of these are cathedrals displaying various types of architecture. Some were build in the Romanesque style, some in Byzantine and even Gothic - displaying amazing building skills that allowed these historical sites to remain standing for centuries while being well preserved.

Since you're on the Island already and will be embarking the Ferry again, why not explore some of the other destinations in the area like the vibrant commune of Burano. The brightly coloured buildings of this place are something out of a fairy tale and happen to be one of the most photographed features in Italy, along with Venice canals, the Italian coast and rolling hills of Tuscany. Ferries run regularly and a it's super easy, convenient and inexpensive way to explore the Venetian Lagoon vicinities. 

Murano Italy Map & Train Tips

Find the map of Murano Italy below, with ferry docs and major points of attractions to help with exploring these amazing islands. Getting to Venice can be done in a train to the Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia or by air into the Marco Polo Airport. From the airport you can take a bus right into Venice and from there, the ferry docks that will take you to Murano are just a short walking distance away. A typical ferry ride from Venice to Murano is 10 minutes - a convenient and inexpensive way to travel and explore mesmerizing sights of the Venetian Lagoon. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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