Ostuni Italy
Stunning City with Ancient Town in the Puglia Region

Ostuni Italy

Ostuni Italy, or the "white town" is a small town located by the beautiful Adriatic coast near the heal of the "Italian Boot." The city earned its nickname because of the bright white houses in the older part of town, making the sight truly unique. Surrounded by lush green fields it creates breathtaking contrasts against its white city walls and turquoise waters located about 8 km from the city centre. City's architecture is in harmony with the surrounding landscape made of olive trees that reach out all the way to the sea. A intertwined maze of alleyways through the gleaming old city with doors painted in shades of blue, turquoise and green as well as spectacular views of the Adriatic - give Ostuni Italy more of a Greek feel.


There are always a number of tours that happen throughout the weeks in the spring and summer months for the city. While they do have some things happening during the winter, they generally have less of a population because the weather is not as nice in this area during this season.

Popular Spots & More About Ostuni Italy

Ostuni has plenty to offer tourists looking for a historic touch on just about everything. Learning, experiencing, and enjoying the deep-rooted feel of the surroundings are all a part of this amazing city. Just a quick trip from the coast, the city welcomes everyone to visit and take in the many areas of the world around you. There are plenty of things to do inside the city whether you are a resident or a tourist. If you are visiting the city, make sure to stop by these top rated and recommended places. 

  • The Civic Museum - This museum is known for the archeological findings throughout the city itself. They are preserved and then put up for all to see, making this a great place to explore and dig deeper into the city’s history.

  • Archaeological Park - This park is set up to not actually be a park, but you can walk through the spots that they dig through and ensure that you see skeletons and other pieces of the history that was once here before. They have already found a number of skeletons who have been left behind from the past.

  • Centro Storico - This is the main, historical centre of the city. You can walk through and view the beautiful architecture, look in the shops, and even speak with the locals. They are friendly and welcoming to all those who want to learn more about their culture and past. 

  • Grotte di Castellana - This cave system is one of the most important attractions in the Puglia region, located 50 km from Ostuni. Come and see this amazing natural wonder, climb down below and see what's been developing for over 90 million years.

There is a lot of natural beauty around the city. You don’t even have to go in anywhere. You can view the city from the streets, rent a bike, bike around, and take a walk down to the water. With plenty to offer, everyone is welcome to learn more about the city and the exciting pieces of history that are waiting for everyone to view, to learn, and to enjoy for themselves.

A fun fact you can keep in mind about this city is that it is very famous for the olive oil that comes from the city alone and the olive oil farmhouses that make it. Olive oil tasting tours are popular, as the olive oil here is of a particularly fine quality and the ancient olive groves are well worth seeing.

Ostuni Italy Map & Train Tips

Ostuni Italy has its own railway station conveniently located about 1 km from the historic city centre. From here you can easily reach other great Italian destinations such as Lecce, Brinidisi, Bari, Foggia and Pescara just to name a few. Ostuni station offers fast regional train service as well in intercity service. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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