Pompeii Italy
Ancient Ruins of a Once Thriving Roman City

Pompeii Italy

Imagine not only taking a vacation to another country and exploring a beautiful and amazing culture, but also having the opportunity to travel back in time and see what life was like in ancient Roman times. A visit to the Pompeii Italy ruins will give you exactly this experience and will allow you a glimpse into times long ago. 

Pompeii was an ancient city located near what is now known as Naples - the capital of Campania region. It was once a thriving, Ancient Roman community, however on one fateful summer day in 79 A.D. it was completely covered by a layer, meters thick, of volcanic ash, killing all of its inhabitants and perfectly preserving the city underneath. The volcano responsible for this devastation was Mount Vesuvius which is still active today. It is thought that as the volcano violently and unexpectedly erupted, a thick layer of hot volcanic ash and rocks fell onto the city, immediately killing everyone in its path and quickly turning into a hard, cement-like substance. The entire town was blanketed in this ash and it is thought that the total devastation started and ended in just over a day’s time. 

Pompeii remained buried for nearly two thousand years until it was discovered in 1748 by a land surveyor who was working on plans for a summer castle for Charles of Bourbon, the King of Naples. Since then it has continuously been excavated and the city below slowly dug out and uncovered. It is now known as the longest, continuously excavated sites in the world. Many discoveries about ancient Romans have been found there including how they lived and what they ate, their city’s architecture and the differences that set apart the rich from the poor.

Touring Pompeii Italy is an exciting experience and gives one the sensation of stepping back in time. To fully experience the entire city, it is recommended to spend three to four hours in Pompeii, however shorter tours are available for those travelers that are on a tighter schedule. 

While entrance to the site for self-guided tours is available and is free of charge, it is highly recommended to book and pay for a guided tour with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide, who can give a more personalized experience and fully explain all of the amazing sites there are to see. 

The best ways to reach the Pompeii ruins are either by guided bus tour or by utilizing the Circumvesuviana train line which will bring you directly to the Pompeii stop.

Over 2.5 million people visit the Pompeii Italy ruins each year and with its unique display of history, it’s no wonder why. It is considered one of Italy’s most popular attractions and is one of the world’s best preserved ancient cities. Although the ancient inhabitants of Pompeii fell victim to a terrible tragedy at the hands of Mount Vesuvius, it is difficult not to feel grateful that out of this tragedy we are now able to step back into ancient times. It has given us the opportunity to learn about the people and the history that has helped to shape the way we live today. 

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