Potenza Italy
Highest Italian Region Capital with Amazing Views

Potenza Italy

Potenza is a southern Italian city situated in the region of Basilicata and filled with sweeping views of the valleys and mountains which surround it. Located on one of the highest points in the area, it overlooks the Basento River below it and the Apennine mountains beside. A visit here while touring Italy is sure to be a memorable experience. With so many beautiful sites to see and interesting excursions to partake in, you may just find that you don't want to leave this beautiful city. Much of Potenza Italy can be explored on foot along with it's many historical sights available to experience. 


Things to Do & Popular Spots in Potenza Italy

Potenza Italy is a city that offers so many spectacular views and interesting things to see and does so at a relaxed and enjoyable pace. Without the crowds and tourist traps that so many of the larger cities offer, Potenza is sure to be one of your favourite stops along your Italy tour.


Potenza contains many different churches, all of which have special significance and may be worth a visit while here. 

  • The Potenza Cathedral, also known as the Duomo di San Gerardo, was originally constructed in the 12th century. Although many renovations have taken place over the years, many of the original details are still on display, such as the five-story bell tower and the original rose stained-glass window. 

  • The San Francesco Church was built in the Romanesque-Gothic style of the 13th century. Inside the walls are frescoed with images of St. Clair and St. Francis and it also contains a tomb from the 16th century which holds Donato de Grassis.

  • The Santa Maria del Sepolcro church is located at the crossroads of two ancient Roman roads and is said to have been built on the spot where Saint Gerrard turned water into wine for the people of Potenza.

Other Attractions

  • Musmeci Bridge - runs over the Basento river and is also known as the “Industry Viaduct”. This bridge is one of the main access points into the city of Potenza and is a unique structure created by the Italian engineer Sergio Musmeci. He designed this entire bridge to be made out of one single piece of formed concrete without the use of any type of prefabricated supports. The bridge is interesting in its shape as it appears that fingers of concrete are rising out of the ground  to support the main structure of the bridge.

  • The city of Potenza gates - which were part of the ancient stone walls that once surrounded Potenza Italy and acted as a fortress to protect the city. All that remains of these walls now are the 3 large stone gates: the Porta San Giovanni, the Porta San Luca and the Porta San Gerrardo.

  • Torre Guevara - This tower was once a part of the old city castle which was built in the 9th century AD. The castle itself no longer remains however the tower itself is still in use to this day, with a museum inside that is dedicated to the first inscribed in the Province of Power and there is a garden outside that is dedicated to him as well. 

  • Palazzo Loffredo - This residence, which dates back to the seventeenth century, is massive and has been restored over the years. Both the interior and exterior are a wonder to behold. Today, the palace houses the National Archeological Museum of Potenza. 

  • Roman ruins of Potenza - An old Roman villa that is open to visitors was a place of residence once upon a time. These Roman ruins are located in the Poggio Tre Galli section of the city.

Shopping and dining options are also plentiful in Potenza. There are eateries that range from authentic Italian pizzerias to those that cater to the European palate and everything in between. Shopping at markets or in the old quarter of the city, you will find pottery, vases, and clothing. 

The city of Potenza has suffered many a tragedy over its long history. It withstood an Allied bombing during World War II, and in 1980 it was struck by a powerful earthquake. Yet today it remains standing strong and is a vibrant city with numerous historical landmarks. With its warm Mediterranean climate, it is a year-round vacation destination. Let’s explore all there is to see and do on your visit to Potenza. It is a charming city steeped in historical landmarks and authentic Italian culture. Add a stop here to your travel plans and see for yourself all it has to offer.

Potenza Italy Map & Train Tips

Getting in and around Potenza is easy. If you want to take the train, the main station Potenza Centrale has been in operation since 1880 and is a rail junction on the line from Salerno to Taranto. The station offers regional and intercity service. However, trains only run a few times a day so be sure to check the schedules. If you want to fly into Potenza, the nearest airport is the Salerno-Pontecagnano which is approximately fifty-three miles away. You can also travel by bus or car if you prefer. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

Another recommended method by many tourists is hiring a car. Having a rental car at your disposal will allow you the freedom to take your time enjoying all of the hidden gems that this region has to offer without the hassle of having to wait for public transit. Driving here is easy and there is little congestion as may be found in the bigger city centres.

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