Rimini Italy
A Happening Resort City on the Adriatic Coast

Rimini Italy

Being one of the most famous sea-side resort cities in all of Europe, Rimini Italy is a hot tourist destination without a doubt. Summer climate here is humid and tropical and the miles of sandy beaches that run along the Adriatic Sea make it the perfect place for those seeking sun and sand. There are thousands of hotels, bars, restaurants and discos in Rimini, Emilia-Romagna contributing to a fun and exciting nightlife scene.

Weather in Rimini


Generally, Rimini weather is warm and humid in the summers with mostly clear skies. Winters are cold and windy with partly cloudy skies. Throughout the year, the temperature can vary from 1°C to 29°C. The coldest it ever gets in Rimini Italy is -4°C and the hottest around 33°C. Best time to visit the city is mid April to the end of June and September to October, when the weather is the most pleasant.

Things to Do in Rimini Emilia-Romagna

Beside sun, sand and days spent lounging on a beach, Rimini has so much more to offer tourists. There is something here to please everyone no matter what your interests.

  • Museums - The main museum is called the Museo della Citta and contains numerous archaeological artifacts from the ancient Roman and Etruscan civilizations that lived in the local area. There are also medieval and modern art pieces on display. Rimini is also the birthplace of the famous Italian film director Federico Fellini and a museum located here is dedicated to him and his works of art. Inside you can find costumes, documents and drawings related to his films. There is also the museum of fishing and marine, which showcases Rimini’s marine history with examples of boats, fishing equipment and photographs.

  • Public Parks - Rimini has an expansive network of public parks stretching throughout the urban areas of the city. The most popular of these parks include: XXV Aprile Park, Giovanni Paolo II Park, Fabbri Park, Federico Fellini Park and Ghirlandetta Park. Walking and biking trails connect these parks to local attractions and to the beaches of Rimini as well, making getting around the city easy and scenic.

  • Tiberius Bridge - Construction on this ancient bridge began in 14 AD. It spans across the Marecchia River and is made of Istria stone. The five arches that support it are still strong and sturdy, allowing the bridge to remain open to pedestrian and light vehicular traffic, even after all of these years.

  • Arch of Augustus - The Arch of Augustus is the oldest, surviving Roman arch and was built in 27 AD in honour of Emperor Augustus. It’s central arch is 28 feet wide and 33 feet high and along with carvings of Jupiter, Apollo, Neptune and Roma, there is a large bronze statue of Agustus, driving a chariot.

  • Italia in Miniatura - This amusement park, located in Rimini is a fun spot for both young and old. It contains miniature reconstructions of all of the major Italian and Ancient Roman buildings. There is also a miniature railway that runs through the park with 17 different trains.

  • The Grand Hotel Rimini - Built in the early 20th century, this hotel is now considered a national monument. Throughout its history, this hotel has hosted many famous and important people. It is decorated in grand style and contains 117 bedrooms, a large restaurant, an atrium and numerous living rooms.

No matter what you seek on your vacation, whether it be relaxing days in the sun, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, taking in museums and learning about ancient civilizations or just enjoying the local shops and restaurants, Rimini - Emilia-Romagna is sure to be the place where you will find everything that you are looking for, and more. 

Rimini Map & Train Tips

For those tourists travelling to Rimini, getting here is exceptionally easy. It is a main junction for all major motorways and railways. The train station in the city is called Stazione di Rimini and it offers various types of service including High-Speed, Intercity and Regional train service. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. For travellers who want to fly in or out of Rimini Italy, there is also the Federico Fellini International Airport. Below is a Rimini map to help you with trip planning.

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