The Roman Forum
Ruins of Ancient Rome's Central Marketplace

Roman Forum

Does your Italian vacation take you to the beautiful capital? Rome is one of the most visited places in the entire country with nearly four million visitors each year and sitting at the centre of this hotspot is one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions - the Roman Forum. The ancient ruins of this forum and its surrounding buildings can take you from modern day Italy to Ancient Roman times and they are sure to provide you with the history and culture that every Italy tourist is looking for.

The Roman Forum was originally used as a plaza or market place by the Ancient Roman people and was referred to as the Forum Magnum. In its day, this Forum was the most important place in Rome and it was where the people would meet and gather to catch up on current affairs, they would buy their groceries and goods from the vendors here and it was also where government speeches, criminal trials and gladiator fights would take place. It was the centre of Roman life and was one of the most popular and celebrated meeting places of the ancient world. 

Some of the most important buildings were designed around the forum. Temples and shrines are located on one side, the government and judicial buildings line another. The Basilica Maxentius, the largest of all of the buildings, stands watch over the Forum. It was once a meeting place used for a variety of different functions, from government meetings to religious events. 

Official excavation of the Roman Forum began in the early 1800’s and continues to this day. Archaeologists and architects are constantly looking for new ways to preserve the ancient structures of this significant landmark and are consistently unearthing new discoveries.

Taking a guided tour of the Roman Forum is one of the best ways to see this site and learn about all of the individual buildings, structures and monuments located within it and surrounding it. There are many different companies that offer tours of the area and sometimes the most economical way to see the different landmarks in Rome is by signing up for a guided tour that combines more than one historical site. Tours combining the Colosseum and Roman Forum or the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum are some of the most popular. These tours will allow you to skip any line-ups at the on-site ticket counters and will grant you direct access to the sites. Plus they offer the advantage of a knowledgeable guide who can teach you all about the history of Ancient Rome, provide a personalized tour and answer any questions that you may have.

The Roman Forum is located in the centre of Rome and is therefore very easily accessible. It is in easy walking distance from many of the most popular Roman attractions and hotels and can also be reached by bus, taxi or ride-share programs. If you are planning to visit Rome from another city, it is very easily accessible by train and has two major railway stations. The largest is Roma Termini and the second largest is Roma Tiburtina, both of which have routes coming in from most of the major cities across Italy.

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