Colosseum - Rome
The Most Visited Attraction in All of Italy

Colosseum Rome

Perhaps one of the most recognizable Italian sites is the Rome Coliseum, and it happens to be one of the most visited attractions in all of Italy. Tourists from all over the world come to Rome to see this piece of history that has miraculously withstood the test of time and is still excellently preserved today. A visit to the Colosseum Rome also calls as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is a must for anyone looking to delve into the life and times of the Ancient Romans. This Italian landmark is known to satisfy and awe tourists of all ages with its breathtaking beauty and rich, unbelievable history.

Roman Coliseum Facts

The amphitheatre's construction was completed nearly two thousand years ago, in the year 80 A.D. This massive arena was the largest ever built and it was said to have been able to hold between 50,000 and 80,000 guests. In its prime, it was the main centre for plays, operas, brutal gladiator fights and public executions. Exotic animals were also brought here for elaborate animal hunts and it was a place where the most wealthy and influential individuals could show off their status by hosting these extravagant events. As time went on, in the Medieval era, the Rome Coliseum became a place more centred around the church and religious ceremonies.

In order to gain entrance here, spectators were required to purchase tickets. These tickets were made of small shards of pottery which had the row and seat number inscribed on them. The lower seats, closest to the floor of the Amphitheatre, where the action was taking place, were the most expensive to purchase and were reserved for the wealthiest citizens. As the seats got further back and higher up, admission became less expensive. The highest seats were reserved for the poorest spectators. 

Over the years, parts of this large structure has collapsed due to time and natural disasters, such as earthquakes. Many of the original brickwork was stolen and used in other structures. Despite this the colosseum is still in excellent condition and restoration is an ongoing process to keep it structurally sound and as close to its original form as possible. 

Tours of the Rome Coliseum are one of the most popular attractions in the capital and visitors can enter inside to get a glimpse of what Ancient Roman life was really like. Tunnels, which run underneath the building and were once used by gladiators and to transport exotic beasts onto the arena floor, are open for exploring. There is also a museum, located inside, that is dedicated to the Greek God of love, Eros. Many different tour companies offer tickets for guided tours of the Colosseum. These can be purchased ahead of time online, or in person at the ticket counter. A guided tour is an excellent and inexpensive way to see this piece of history and learn everything there is to know about it from an expert.

Touring the Colosseum while in Rome is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Entering into this massive stone amphitheater is like taking a step back through time and into history itself. Its stone walls hold so many secrets to the past that can only be shared with those who visit here. 

Getting to the Colosseum is an easy task. All major train routes run into Rome’s largest train station called Termini Station and busses, taxis or ride shares can be taken directly to the Colosseum.

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