Saint Mark's Basilica
One of Venice's Most Famous & Visited Landmarks

Saint Mark's Basilica

Venice may be known as the romance capital of the world but it is also known for having one of the most beautiful and historical churches in all of Italy. If your trip to Italy brings you here - a tour of Saint Mark’s Basilica should be fit into your schedule. This Italo-Byzantine detailed church, with its beautiful architecture & style, and rich history - is guaranteed to be a memorable highlight of your adventures in this legendary Italian city.

Saint Marks Basilica sits in the Piazza San Marco in Venice, it was originally built in the early 11th century. Throughout the years, the basic original structure has been modified and embellished - making the church the extravagant and ornate building that it is today. The style of this church combines a unique blend of Gothic, Byzantine, Islamic and Italian design elements unlike any seen anywhere else in Italy. 

On the top of the church, sit 5 large & hollow domes which add to the churches height and help to make it even more visible from the surrounding areas. Both outside and inside the church are opulent and detailed mosaics and carvings depicting scenes from the bible such as the Last Supper, the Life of Christ and the Last Judgement. Many of these mosaics are made of gold which is where this church received its nickname Chiesa d’Oro (or Church of Gold) and it has been a status symbol of Italian wealth and power over the years. 

Saint Marks Basilica is also well known for its statues located on the facade of the building. These bronze statues depict the horses that would have once pulled a chariot and it is known by the name of The Horses of Saint Mark's, The Triumphal Quadriga or Cavalli di San Marco. The original statues were stolen by Napoleon in 1797 but were later returned to the Basilica in the early 1800's.since then, the originals are kept safely inside while their identical replicas decorate the outside of the building. 

When visiting Venice, there are many different tour options for getting the most out of your visit to Saint Marks Basilica. Some of the best tour options available provide a walking tour through the Venice streets and a guided tour of Saint Mark’s. Some tours offer lift tickets that will take you to the top of the cathedral and provide sweeping views of the beautiful city of Venice and the surrounding waterways and lagoons below. Two of the main benefits that these tours provide is quick and easy access to the Basilica without having to wait in line and a knowledgeable and interactive tour guide who can answer all of your questions about this historical landmark.

Saint Mark’s Basilica is a stunning and historical site that is filled with rich legends and stories and will complete any visit to the Veneto region and the city of Venice itself. A tour of this beautiful church will leave any tourist in awe, no matter what your spiritual affiliation, plus the gilded decor is sure to provide the perfect pictures to brighten any trip photo album and leave lasting memories. 

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