San Remo Italy
A Truly Exciting Sea-Side City in the Liguria Region 

San Vito Lo Capo

Located on the north-east coast of the country, sits the beautiful sea-side city of San Remo Italy. This city may be best known for its casino however it has so much more to offer tourists passing through here. There are endless things to see and do here that will add so much value to your Italian vacation and will send you home with some amazing memories to last a lifetime.


Attraction in San Remo Italy

  • Villa Ormond - The Villa Ormond is a stately building that now acts as the main office for the Institute of Humanitarian Law. The highlight of this location, however, is the beautifully manicured public gardens which surround it. Statues and fountains line the pathways that weave through this park, making it the perfect place to find solitude.

  • Villa Nobel - Originally built in 1874, this three-story, grand structure was once the home of Alfred Nobel. He was a Swedish scientist and inventor who first created dynamite and gave his name to the Nobel Prize. This villa is surrounded by sweeping gardens which include many rare species of plants and trees.

  • Casino di Sanremo - Conveniently located right in the centre of town, near the local entertainment and shopping district, is the Casino di Sanremo. This casino was built in 1905 and is home to slot machines, table games and concerts and theatrical events.

  • San Remo Music Festival - The San Remo Music Festival is hosted every year in this city and is a fun and exciting music competition that is open to the public. It was first started in 1951 and was a way for singers and musicians to share their talent, while competing for victory in one of the following categories: Newcomers, Men, Women, Group and Classics. Some of Italy’s most popular and successful artists have been discovered through this competition, such as Andrea Bocelli, Dolcenera, Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti.

  • Pista Ciclabile - This path is a bicycle lover’s dream. Weaving its way through San Remo, the Pista Ciclabile is the perfect place to spin your wheels and take in the surrounding scenery. This paved path is reserved for bicycles only. If you are travelling without your own bike, don’t worry, there are many rental spots throughout the city that will rent you one for a very reasonable rate.

  • Old Bussana - Also known as Bussana Vecchia, this town, just on the outskirts of San Remo, was abandoned in 1887 due to an earthquake and remained a ghost town until the 1960’s when it was inhabited by a colony of artists. Old Bussana is now a tourist destination where artists showcase their creations, host exhibits and sell their wares.

  • Milan - San Remo Cycling Classic - Also known as the Spring Classic, this bicycling race takes place every March, starting in Milan and ending in San Remo. It is 298 km long and takes place over the course of only one day. 

Whether your vacation brings you to San Remo for a bit of gambling excitement, an intense bicycling race or just to find some sanctuary in one of the city’s beautiful gardens, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in this wonderful city in the Italian Rivera. 

San Remo Map & Train Tips

Getting in and out of the city by train is easy and San Remo railway station offers various types of service including fast regional trains and intercity trains. From San Remo Italy, travelling by train will also allow you to reach other great destinations such as Genoa, Milan and Turin. Below is a San Remo map to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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