Seaside Hotels
Lodge Right by the Beautiful Italian Coastline

Seaside Hotels

With 4,720 miles of coastline surrounding the historic and beautiful country of Italy, it’s no wonder that seaside hotels are not only popular but also plentiful in this nation. From beach vacations to water sports, boating and more, seaside hotels offer a relaxing, fun and exciting way to see the sights of Italy and relax on the golden sands, picturesque bays and rocky cliffs with crystal clear water. Close your eyes and imagine the tranquil turquoise waters, the warm white sand and a glass of authentic Italian wine in your hand as you take in the picturesque scene in front of you.

Options for Seaside Hotels in Italy

You can book a seaside hotel in many different places. From the famous and bustling Italian Riviera to the quaint and quiet islands of the south, there is a seaside hotel for every type of traveler. Let’s explore seaside hotels more in-depth and see which ones might be right for you. 

  • The Amalfi Coast is known for its stunning sandy beaches, tranquil brilliant blue waters, ancient architecture, lush vineyards, and small town villages. This thirty-one-mile sweep of coastline in the Campania region on Italy’s southern Sorrentine Peninsula is a treasure trove of Italian culture. Moreover, its abundance of seaside hotels makes it a perfect choice for your vacation. Consider La Minervetta in Sorrento for your stay. This tiny hotel is a mere two hundred steps to the sea and views of Vesuvius. Nearby restaurants and a lemon festival in July make this location ideal for seaside loving travellers.

  • If your travels take you to Puglia, the white siren seaside hotel of Don Ferrante in Monopoli was originally a fortress and is now a series of suites for seaside seeking vacationers. The cool waters of the Adriatic Sea wash right up to the walls of the hotel. This hotel boasts a rooftop restaurant and pool — a true escape from it all.

  • If the Italian Riviera is more your style, take a trip to La Malà in Vernazza, Liguria. This charming area of pastel-coloured buildings boasts local family owned hotels which add to the quaint atmosphere of this stretch of coastline. This hotel is a mere five-minute walk to the sea. With spectacular views of the Mediterranean and shaded terrace, this economically friendly option will delight and surprise you.

Whichever region or seaside hotels you choose to visit in Italy, you’ll be sure to be swept away in the magic of the sea surrounding this beautiful country. These hotels are a tiny sample of what is available. Look online or speak to your travel agent to find the perfect seaside hotel for your vacation.

If you want to take the train to your seaside hotel in Italy, you will find it a very smooth and straightforward journey in most major cities. Cities in Italy have main central stations, and some of the larger ones may have one or two other stations depending on their size. Even the larger islands load their trains onto ferries that then cross over to the mainland. Check the schedules and options to see which one suits your travel needs the best. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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