Sicily Italy
Visit the Biggest Island in the Mediterranean Sea

Sicily Italy

Sicily Italy is the biggest island in the Mediterranean and one of the largest in all of Europe, it is also one of the 20 Italian regions. It is part of Southern, Insular Italy and located just off the boot of the toe of Italy. Some say Sicily is the ball that the boot is kicking! The island is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula. The mainland of Italy and Sicily are separated by the Strait of Messina. The most striking landscape feature of Sicily is Mount Etna. It is one of the most active volcanos in the entire world and is the tallest in Europe sitting at 10,922 feet. The climate in Sicily is Mediterranean and archeological evidence points out that humans had inhabited this island as far back as 12,000 years ago. 


Popular Spots & More About Sicily Italy

This island is a must see as it has many gorgeous beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites and striking Mount Etna. The main cities of Sicily include its capital of Palermo, Catania, Syracuse and Taormina. This island has much to offer such as tours of Mount Etna on ATV’s or a longer more relaxed hiking tour to the crater if you prefer. 

If you want to visit archeological sites, there are many to choose from. These include ruins of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Phoenicians. Sicily also boasts hundreds of castles and many museums. Some palaces of note include Castello Manfredonico, Castello Ursino and Castello di Caccamo. If you love towers, Sicily has 218 watchtowers on the island.

One of the things you’ll love about Sicily is the food. The selection of bread and pasta is fantastic and be sure to try the arancini. These are deep-fried rice balls coated with bread crumbs and filled with sauce, cheeses and sometimes meat. The cannoli is also world famous. They even have tours celebrating food on this unique island, and you can also take in a cooking class.

If the great outdoors are on your wish list for your visit to Sicily, be sure to take a trip to Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro. This is the on the western coast of the island and the only reserve in the region. Here you wander the amazing almost four-mile coastline and take in nature at its most pristine. There are no modern buildings in this area just spectacular wildlife and native plants and flowers. Caperia Beach is located here. You can explore its many cave or snorkel in the turquoise blue waters.

Sicily Italy has much to see and do for every type of traveler. Be sure to add this Mediterranean gem to your travel plans and see this breathtaking island for yourself.

Sicily Map & Train Tips

Train travel in Sicily is fast and effective. Moreover, it has been operational since 1863. Today each Sicilian province has a network of railway services which connect most cities and towns. There is also service to cities like Rome and Naples. This is possible by way of trains being loaded onto ferries that then cross over to the mainland. Catania, Palermo, and Messina have an underground, commuter and tramline service respectively that can get you around the island. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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