Siena Cathedral
Truly Amazing Masterpiece to Visit While in the City

Siena Cathedral

Located in the Tuscan city of Siena sits one of the most beautiful medieval churches in all of Italy. The Siena Cathedral is filled with legends and lore, amazing architecture, priceless sculptures and masterpieces from many centuries ago. It is the city’s pride and joy and each year tourists flock here to gaze upon all of the stunning beauty this magnificent landmark has to offer.

The Siena Cathedral is still in use today for Catholic church services, special concerts and choir performances and for religious holidays and masses. Attached to the Siena Cathedral is the Piccolomini Library which is home to beautifully painted frescoes which line the walls and tell the story of Pope Pius II.

The Siena Cathedral was built in the mid-thirteenth century of white, green, black and red marble. Carvings of gargoyles and saints line the outer facade of the building while the inside is ornately decorated with mosaic marble floors, detailed carvings of animals and busts of emperors and stained glass windows. Perhaps the most  stunning feature inside the cathedral is its gold, domed roof which is topped with Bernini’s lantern and sits upon the church like a blazing gold sun. 

The Siena Cathedral is also home to some famous masterpieces and works of art. Some of its most notable pieces include The Feast of Herod, by Donatello, the carvings of Saint Paul, Saint Peter, Saint Gregory and Saint Pius, by Michelangelo and numerous works by Bernini. Walking through this cathedral is like taking a tour of one of the world’s finest museums and gives you the opportunity to view works by some of the world’s most famous artists in their original settings. 

Tickets are available for purchase, to take a guided tour of the Siena Cathedral. These tickets will allow visitors to skip the entry line and will give full access to the cathedral, the crypt below, the baptistry and the adjoining Piccolomini Library. These guided tours also provide an educated and knowledgeable tour guide which will allow you to personalize your tour and will help to explain the legends that surround this famous cathedral. 

Siena is a beautiful destination to visit for so many reasons but a trip to the Siena Cathedral is sure to be a highlight of your trip to this city. The Siena Cathedral is considered the gem of this commune and it’s no wonder why. With such breathtaking beauty, amazing artwork and architecture from some of the world’s greatest masters - it is guaranteed to leave you in awe and have you looking forward to your next trip back to Siena. 

Getting to Siena from other regions in Italy is easy, especially if you are travelling by rail. Siena’s main railway station is called Stazione di Siena and routes from all over Italy arrive and depart from here. Once at the station, car rental, ride-share or taxi services are available to transport you to the Cathedral or to other sites around Tuscany or Siena.

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