Siena Italy
Lovely Tourist Spot in the Beautiful Tuscan Region

Siena Italy

Siena Italy is a city in the central part of the country, Tuscan region. The city is also the capital of the province of Siena. Like other areas of Tuscany, Siena was first inhabited in the time of the Etruscans and is tucked between rolling hills with lush valleys. Siena sees about 160,000 visitors every year. It is famous for its historical landmarks, culture, museums & art as well as delicious cuisine and colourful festivals. Let’s explore all there is to see and do in Siena Italy.

Siena Weather

Siena weather can be described as warm and temperate for the most part of the year. Average temperature in the city is 13°C with yearly rainfall of about 78 mm. The coldest month in Siena is January with a low average temperature of 2°C and a high average of 8°C. The hottest Siena weather is in July with an average high of 28°C and average low of about 16°C. It is a great tourist destination to visit in late spring and early fall to avoid large crowds and enjoy a pleasant climate.


More About Siena Italy

If you love medieval towns, you will love Siena Italy. Because of its warm Mediterranean climate and central location, this city is a popular tourist destination. The centre of Siena itself has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Below are a few popular sites most visitors like to experience for themselves.

  • Piazza del Campo - Fan-shaped main square in the heart of the city, this place is beloved by all who visit. The Piazza has many historic buildings as well as restaurants, shops, cafes and of course - the impressive Fountain of Gaia.
  • Siena Cathedral - Romanesque-Gothic architecture structure was first created in the twelfth century, but it wasn’t until 1380 when it was finally complete. The exterior of the church is stunning white marble and stone while the interior is ornately decorated with frescos and a breathtaking gold dome. 
  • Siena Art Gallery - An absolute must for the art lovers. You'll have the pleasure of taking in this magnificent collection of art, era of which spans from the twelfth to the sixteenth century. Here you will find the “Madonna Enthroned” by Lorenzetti.
  • Siena Civic Museum - Another great attraction to check out for every museum-loving traveler. This museum houses both artwork and artifacts from historic Siena. Among the most notable features is a series of frescos - artworks with amazing mural painting applied to wet lime plaster.
  • Palio of Siena -  A horse race that is not only traditional and medieval - it is famous the world over. So if you love horse racing, this festival will simply delight you. It takes place in the Piazza Il Campo twice a year in July and August. Crowds of people attend this event, and it is featured on television. Ten neighbourhoods are selected to compete for a chance to win. In addition to horse racing, there are many events surrounding the races to take part in. It is fun for everyone!

Whether its horse racing, wandering in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Piazza or taking in a museum or gallery, Siena Italy has a treasure-trove of wonders that will delight vacationers of all ages. Enjoy your Italian trip and be sure to stop by this charming city!

Siena Map & Train Tips

If you want to take the train in and out of the city - the Siena Railway station is located outside the walls of the city at the bottom of a hill. Trains from Florence and Pisa will get you into the city. The nearest airports are also located in Pisa and Florence. Buses service is also an option.

If you want to drive or hire a car, you can travel from Florence to Siena on the Superstrada. However, once you get to the city, driving is restricted. In fact, no automobiles are allowed within the city centre. Below is a Siena map to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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