Snowboard Resorts in Italy
Carve Some Fresh Powder in the Winter Wonderland

Snowboard Resorts

With a long Mediterranean coastline, Italy is known for its breezy weathers, clear skies, and soft crashes of its sea foam waves along its coastlines. However, Italy is truly a unique region in the Southern Mediterranean where the sea meets land. The mountainous terrains of Italy inland offer a selection of spots that are perfect for sport activities and of course - many snowboard resorts. While the mountainous terrains of Italy are not necessarily known for excellent boarding ranges as the Swiss Alps or the alpine terrains of Austria - nevertheless, the mountains of Italy are certainly not lacking in a fun-filled experience while taking a thrilling snowboarding holiday.

Italy Snowboard Resort Ideas

From the milky terrains at Madonna di Campiglio to the freestyle routes Livigno, grab your gear and your board for an affordable and highly entertaining holiday at one of the few amazing snowboarding resorts in Italy.

Madonna di Campiglio Resorts

Situated in the northern paths of Italy's Brenta Dolomites mountain ranges, this resort is a breath of fresh air, glacier lakes, and expansive trails during the summer. By winter, the Madonna di Campiglio transforms into the king of snowboarding with over 150 km of the slope, this resort is one of the most famous spots for travellers to snowboard. This winter land resort provides snowboarding slopes from beginners to experts, the resort offers 58 lifts that transport guest from anywhere at 850 meters in elevation to 2,505 meters. So rest assured that the whole family will find a route that they fall in love with. The Madonna snowboard resort offers Après ski luxuries that make the village resort an interesting mixture of intense snow sports by day, and a sauntering passeggiata through 19th century Italian village by night. This Dolomites resort offers quaint, village charms mixed with milky-white powder snow that is perfect for young and expert snowboarders alike.

Livigno Snowboard Resorts

Livigno is truly the heart of adventurous terrains along the Italian Alps as it borders the Swiss mountain ranges. Livigno provides thrills for even the most advanced snowboarders with their accessible off-piste slopes through open terrain. As the freestyle slopes deviate from conventionally marked snowboard terrains, Livigno offers excitement as snowboarders are given limitless options to push their skills to the brink. With 2,792 meters elevation at the top of the mountain, the off-pistes slopes are coursing with wide slopes and wild terrains. However, don't be daunted by the freestyle slopes. The Livigno ranges from easy to intermediate. With 115 km of slopes welcomes all level of snowboarders by offering many options that meet your comfort level. Moreover, the Livigno après is filled with a town full of cheap duty-free shopping and live life with great cuisines and accommodations. Livigno’s snowboard costs are unprecedented, which makes the mountain ranges a cheaper option than its neighbouring Swiss Alps. 

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