South Italy
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South Italy

South Italy is the part of the country that forms the lower boot area. It is comprised of Campania which is the ankle, Calabria the toe, Basilicata the arch, Puglia the heal, Molise and Abruzzo which form the heel and up. Southern Italy also includes Sicily and sometimes Sardinia - but to avoid confusion, these two island regions are referred to as Insular Italy. There are so many striking landscapes and historical landmarks to visit in southern Italy that a trip here can be considered to be a vacation all in itself. From stunning coastlines to beautiful beaches to wondrous islands and more, south Italy has something for every traveler. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular places to visit in Southern Italy. 

South Italy Regions, Popular Spots & Activities

South Italy enjoys the beautiful mediterranean climate plus it can provide a vast amount of tourist activities and places to see. Let's explore the Italian regions that make up this amazing part of the peninsula, and also take a closer look at popular spots and the to dos they have to offer.

Naples is the third biggest city in all of Italy after Milan and Rome. The historic city centre of Naples remains the largest in all of Europe and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city has important historical and landmarks and is a popular tourist destination in Italy. Perhaps the most famed part of Naples is Mount Vesuvius. This stratovolcano erupted in 79 AD and buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Today, you can climb this legendary volcano and take a peek inside its crater. Moreover, if you’d like to visit the city of Pompeii, you can also take a tour through the ruins of this ancient city.

Bari is another bustling metropolitan city in southern Italy. It borders the Adriatic Sea and is an economic hub as well as a port and University City. The city offers a blend of architectural landmarks such as cathedrals, castles, and theatres coupled with modern beaches and urban areas. It’s the perfect mix of the new and the old with something for first-time visitors and seasoned vacationers alike.

Because of its plentiful Baroque monuments, the city of Lecce is often dubbed “The Florence of the South.” Lecce is given its name from the Lecce stone which is a type of limestone and one of the city’s chief exports. This city has a long history with Greek culture, and you will notice this cultural influence when you visit there.

If you love the sea and beach, the Amalfi Coast is world renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches, tranquil turquoise waters, ancient architecture, lush vineyards, and small town villages. This thirty-one-mile sweep of coastline in the Campania region on Italy’s southern Sorrentine Peninsula is a treasure trove of Italian culture. It includes the towns of Amalfi, Erchie, Minori and Positano. These towns are famous for their hillside houses that are brightly painted in a rainbow of hues. 

Sicily is one of the islands in South Italy and has many gorgeous beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites and striking Mount Etna. The main cities of Sicily include its capital of Palermo, Catania, Syracuse and Taormina. This island has much to offer such as tours of Mount Etna, the ruins of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Phoenicians as well as hundreds of castles and many museums. 

No matter which area of southern Italy you choose to visit, be sure to enjoy all that this beautiful region has to offer. 

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