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Sports in Italy go back as far as the ancient times when amphitheaters such as the Coliseum were used for violent gladiator games. At the present moment - the most popular game in Italy is soccer - or calcio as Italians like to call it. In 2006, Italy won the FIFA World Cup and now has the prestigious title of the second most successful football team in a tie with Germany. Other popular sports Italy enjoys is rugby, cycling, horse racing, sailing, car racing and motorcycle racing just to name a few. Depending on what time of year and where you are visiting, there are numerous sporting events in Italy that you might want to add to your travel plans. Experiencing Italy sports will not only give you the thrill of watching a great event but also provide a glimpse into the fascinating culture of this country. 

More About Italy Sport

If you want to experience some sports in Italy and love soccer, you easily add it to your holiday agenda. Many towns and cities have soccer teams that play either in Series A or Series B games. The larger soccer stadiums are located near Milan, in the metropolitan of Rome, Bari, and on the outskirts of Naples. Watching a soccer match at any one of these destinations is a great way to spend an afternoon and experiencing the thrill and energy the sport brings out in thousands and thousands of excited fans that gather in these impressive venues.

For something a little different - The Palio di Siena is a sporting event that combines historical significance with horse racing. This event dates back to the seventeenth century and headlines ten riders and their horses from seventeen cities. In this race, the jockeys ride without stirrups or a saddle. This makes this competition much more exciting, thrilling and definitely stand out amongst some of the other Italy sports. This race takes place in July and August and has other festival events that surround it. The L’ardia Di San Costantino is another horse race that takes place in July in Sardinia. It reenacts Constantine’s victory in Rome. 

Italy is famous for its sports cars, but it also has renowned sporting events to go along with their vehicles. The Italian Grand Prix takes place in September in Monza which is north of Milan. This track is known for its dramatic turns and looks like a rounded triangle. It is fast, loud and one of the longest running events on the Formula One calendar. 

Sailing in Italy is also a very popular sport. The Barcelona Regatta is a famous race where you can witness thousands of sailboats in a close, thrilling race. It takes place in October in Trieste, a beautiful northern city in Friuli Venezia-Giulia. It is a must see for all boat enthusiasts and people book accommodations around the area often times up to a year in advance. Some people choose their vacation rental in a small town of Muggia - just outside Trieste. There is a lovely marina called Porto San Rocco where you can find amazing luxury apartments with a sea view. From there it's a walk to the ferry called Delfino which operates regularly and will take you right into Trieste.  

No matter which sports in Italy you choose to participate in or which event you attend, prepare to be surprised, delighted and kept on the edge of your seat! Venues around the country await your arrival and many excited fans will be there to share the amazing experience that many Italy sports bring us!

Traveling by train to your sporting event in Italy is a simple trip for vacationers. With central train stations in all of the major cities and towns, getting to where you want to go is fast, comfortable and most of all a pleasant way to see some of Italy on the way to your event. There are many different routes and types of trains to choose from. From regional trains to high-speed overnight trains, Italy has it all to get you where you need to be. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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