Isola di Stromboli Volcano
Sicilian Volcanic Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Isola di Stromboli Vulcano

Located in the southern waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, just off the coast of Sicily sits the small island of Stromboli or in Italian - Isola di Stromboli. This tiny island looks unassuming for any passerby who is unaware of its history. The locals, however know better. This little mound of land, sticking up from the sea is known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”. It is an active volcano that is constantly shooting lava and smoke, hundreds of meters up into the air, putting on a spectacular light show for all those who care to watch. If your trip to Italy brings you to the southern end of the boot and you are looking for a sight to visit unlike any other, a trip to Stromboli Italy will not disappoint.

More About Mount Stromboli Island

This island contains one of Italy's 3 active volcanos and has erupted many times in the past. Mount Stromboli has frequent smaller bursts, known as volcanic bombs which shoot up hot lava, smoke and volcanic rock. These small eruptions can be seen from miles away, especially at night, and are quite a spectacle to witness. Like fireworks shooting up into the sky, these  eruptions light up the night with red and white flaming bursts. 

There are just over 500 inhabitants of this little island and scientists help keep them safe with constant readings of the volcanic gas emission that is produced by the volcano. Elevations in this level of gas will give good indication of an imminent volcanic eruption and provide enough time to evacuate the island’s inhabitants. A major eruption that occurred in 2002, caused a small tsunami to occur which hit the island and caused damage to one of its villages.

Things to Do While Visiting Mount Stromboli Island

There are many things to do such as exciting excursions which are available in Stromboli Italy - the Sicilian island  that will keep you busy with many activities while vacationing here. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Night Boat Tour: One of the most popular tours that are offered of the Stromboli volcano is a night time boat tour. These tours are offered by many different tour companies and provide a relaxing tour of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Stromboli island that takes place after dusk. These tours provide an exceptional view of the volcano and its bright firework-like eruptions that light up the night sky.

  • Volcano Hike: Many different tour guides offer hiking trips up to the summit of the volcano. These hikes cross rugged, rocky terrain and are perfect for the experienced hiker or for those seeking adventure. Once at the peak, your tour guide will give you detailed information on the volcano and the surrounding region while you take in the amazing views of the land and sea around you.

  • Aeolian Island Tours: Touring the Aeolian islands is the perfect combination of activities and is usually an entire day’s trip. Boat tours of the coast provide beautiful sea and land views of the Aeolian Archipelago and stops along the way provide an excellent opportunity for shopping in some of the island’s unique stores. Don’t forget to sample the fresh cuisine and seafood at a local restaurant before boarding your boat again in the evening to catch the nighttime explosions of Stromboli as you head back to the mainland.

A visit to the Aeolian Islands and Stromboli volcano is an amazing site to see filled with so many excursions and exciting activities. From fiery volcanic eruptions to clear blue seas your vacation won’t be complete without a trip to Stromboli.

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