Syracuse Italy
Ancient Sicilian City on the Beautiful Ionic Sea Coast

Syracuse Italy

Syracuse Italy is located on the southern Italian island of Sicily. It is the capital of the province of Syracuse and is situated on the southeast corner of the big island. Its location is right on the Gulf of Syracuse, which leads to the Ionian Sea. This ancient city dates back over 2,700 years and is steeped in both Greek and Roman culture as well as historical landmarks and architecture. Moreover, it was the birthplace of the famous mathematician Archimedes. Let’s take a closer look at Syracuse and all the things to see and do there.

Syracuse Weather

Weather in Syracuse Italy can be described as a typical climate of the Mediterranean. Summers here are short, very warm with mostly clear skies and muggy. Hottest month is July with highest average temperature of 31°C, while the coldest month is January with average highs around 14-15°C.

Syracuse and the whole island of Sicily is usually seen as a place of warmer winters. This is because of warm African currents hitting the lower island of Insular Italy. As a result, the summer temperatures cab be scorching hot and most people prefer to visit Syracuse Italy in late spring or early Fall, to avoid weather discomfort and overcrowding. 


More About Syracuse Italy

Once you are in Syracuse Italy, you will be awe inspired by all there is to see and do. The city itself was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the Necropolis of Pantalica which is a collection of five ancient cemeteries that contain over four thousand tombs in all that date as far back as the fourth century. It is truly a wonder to behold. You also won’t want to miss the Greek Theatre on your trip here. This theatre along with a Roman one are all part of the Archaeological Park in Syracuse. This ruin dates back to 470 BC and is one of the best preserved in all of Sicily. You can still view parts of the stage and scenery buildings as well as the seating. Legends such as Aischylos and Sophocles were have known to have performed here. 

There are several quarries that you might want to visit in Syracuse and among the most popular is the Latomia del Paradiso. Also known as the Ear of Dionysius this quarry has been in use since the sixth century. Inside the cave, you’ll find that it is sixty meters long and eleven meters high. It is also said that if you stand at one end, you can people talking all the way at the other end. Impressive!

As for churches and other historical monuments, the list is endless. Some of the most popular sights are the Cathedral of Syracuse or the Duomo, the Maniace Castle, the Palazzo Bellomo, and Palazzo Montalto. And don’t forget the Temple of Apollo.

With so much to see and so in and around Syracuse Italy, you’ll want to add this vibrant city to your vacation plans. Moreover, with its warm Mediterranean climate, this city is a year-round tourist vacation destination. 

Syracuse Map & Train Tips

Getting to Syracuse by train is a comfortable and convenient way to travel. The Siracusa railway station is the main station in the city. It has been operational since 1871 and is located in the southern area of the city close to the island of Ortygia. Siracusa station offers regional service to Ragusa, Gela Catania, and Messina and Palermo. You can also catch express trains to Rome, Turin, Milan, and Venice from here. This is possible by way of trains being loaded onto ferries that then cross over to the mainland. It is true.

Getting there is half the fun when it comes to Syracuse. Below is a map of Syracuse to help you with trip planning. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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