Thiene Italy
A Charming Ancient City in Veneto Region

Thiene Italy

Thiene Italy is a unique city and a commune with more than 21,000 inhabitants, in the province of Vicenza, in northern Italy. It is located approximately 75 km west of Venice and about 250 km east of Milan. Thiene is a unique place and happens to be a city where tourists you can find themselves spending a bit of time exploring all it has to offer. The city has an active industrial sector. The industry here is a lush one that continues to run and provide the areas around them and beyond with a number of products. One thing they are famous for are diamond tools made for working with ceramics, glass and optics.


Popular Spots and More About Thiene Italy

Thiene Italy also happens to be a living display of rich history which spans back many centuries. There is an town that surrounds the Thiene Castle and is a perfect place to have a walk through the streets where shops and bars are hosted inside historical buildings, which tell the story of the city. With market traditions dating way back, the centre of Thiene comes alive with the Antique and Modern thrift market. Here, in addition to furniture - you can also find a wide range of items such as valuable antiques and old handcrafted collectibles. And if that's not enough, one of the top-ranked Italian boardwalks is located right here in Thiene. Below are a few attractions in the city that are definitely worth checking out. 

  • Thiene Castle - Located in the heart of the city, is an ancient center of Roman originsThis is one of the most spoken about places to visit. A castle is definitely a place of interest that is high on a lot of people’s lists. The best part is that this castle is also a hotel that tourists and others are able to stay in during their time in the area. Be a part of history in the making when you choose a room for yourself. 

  • Antica Corderia Famiglia Verona - This museum has a lot of the history and pieces to look around at and learn from. When you are checking out what comes next from the city, then this can prove to be a great resource to learn more about the city but also check out some of the top destinations.

  • Villa Porto - Although this tourist attraction is somewhat unfinished, it is still an important part of the area's history. It is a beautiful place that has been around since 1570 and a must-see architectural wonder for those who want to spend a bit of time soaking up the roots of Thiene.

  • Chiesa di San Vincenso - This beautiful church has been restored and held up for everyone to stop in and take a look at some of the most beautiful artwork that has been there for centuries. Highly rated as a place to spend some time while in the city, this church has a bit of beauty that stands out to those who walk in, even if you are not into history.

  • Museo di Arte Sacra - This museum is set up with many of the pieces of the past. Not only these pieces, but there are numerous bits of artwork up on the walls and laid out on tables and in display boxes for visitors to take a look at and learn more from. 

If you are considering visiting Italy, then consider the city of Thiene. You can find that they have a lot for you to do, places for you to stay, and people for you to meet. You can make the most of your time in this city when you visit and see for yourself the beauty that welcomes you.

Thiene Italy Map & Train Tips

Thiene Italy is accessible by train travel and boasts its own railway station called Stazione di Thiene. From here you can catch a regional train to other great Italian destinations like Vicenza, Padua and Venice. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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