Travel in Italy
The Many Ways of Getting Around in Style

Travel in Italy

There are many different ways to travel in Italy as well as numerous options of getting there. If travelling from overseas, flying in can be also be quite convenient and inexpensive especially from european airports. Many also travel in by water on all types of water carries. Italy has a very long coastline abundant with ports and marinas to accommodate this much enjoyed type of coming into Italy. 

Once in Italy there are so many things to do that slow travel has actually become a thing. Basically that means you take your time while experiencing all that Italy has to offer. Also while here, there are internal flights, ferries, great car rental options and much more - when it comes to your style of getting around. 

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More About Travel in Italy

Getting around Italy can be even more exciting if you take the train. Trains are more accessible and convenient than ever and can get you to where you want to go to Italy while travelling at speeds of 190 miles per hour! Traveling by train to large urban cities is a great option. However, many mid-size cities also have central train stations as well. There is an entire network of trains that run north to south in the country and train travel is very economical in Italy.

If you are visiting the mountainous regions of the north or smaller towns and villages, the bus system in Italy is also excellent. Trains don’t always run in these areas, but public transportation by bus might be a good option for you. Also, if you are staying in one area, you can use the bus to get around. It is also more economical for these types of trips. However, do your homework and figure out where you want to go and when. This will give you a better idea of whether the bus is right for you or not. 

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed about exploring the Italian countryside in your own vehicle. Rental and lease cars are available in Italy. Shop around online before you leave home and read the fine print in your agreement. You don’t want your car rental costing you more than your vacation itself. And another tip. If you are going to visit mostly major cities, driving may be a headache more than anything else. 

If you visit Venice or one of the Southern Islands of Italy, you will most likely be traveling on some type of watercraft. This can be a pleasant and relaxing experience and will add a new dimension to your visit. Ferries run from Naples to neighboring islands, and you can compare and contrast destinations and prices before you book. There are also overnight ferries, which might be a good option for longer journeys. Moreover, if a boat ride isn’t for you, you might want to fly from city to city in Italy to save time extra time for touring.

Whichever way you decide to travel in Italy make the voyage part of the fun and try a few different options and add them to your plan. Have fun!

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