Tremezzo Italy
Beautiful Town on the Western Shore of Lake Como


The town of Tremezzo Italy (or Tremezzina) is made up of about 1,300 people. This popular commune is located in the Province of Como - which is in the Lombardy region, 80 km north of Milan. Tremezzo enjoys a coastal disposition on the west side of beautiful Lake Como. It is a mere 20 km north of the popular city destination - Como, located on the southern tip of the lake. All of the surrounding area is overwhelmingly picturesque with turquoise waters and the magnificent, lush mountain peaks acting as backdrop for some sure-to-be stunning vacation photos.


Popular Spots in Tremezzo Italy

The town name - Tremezzo, means 3 middles and only taking a wild guess here, but it might be because of its geographical locations and being close to the coastal middles of each bank of the upside-down "Y"-shape lake. Also, since 1947 the village of Tremezzo together with Mezzegra and Lenno became Tremezzina, as it is now called in the province of Como and other parts of the country. This version of the name gave it a female and softer sounding reference.

  • Villa Carlotta Gardens - The most famous villa in the town of Tremezzo is Villa Carlotta with its magical lakeside garden which resembles a set from Alice in Wonderland to say the least. Many visitors that come through here love to admire the beautifully planted grounds of Villa Carlotta. 
  • Mount Crocione -  Take advantage of the beautiful parks and altitudes in this region by taking a few hour excursion up Mount Crocione. It is a pleasant hike up the a mule-track while taking breathtaking photos for long lasting memories.
  • Tower of Rogaro - This ancient tower is a remain from the medieval times and served as a watchtower in the old fortress that here. This tower is located near Mount Crocione and provides for an amazing picturesque backdrop much like the rest of the region.
  • Chiesa Santa Maria - Or the Church of Santa Maria displays beautifully executed Romanesque architecture with a lovely statue of Madonna Nera which was moved here in 1917 from Switzerland.

Popular Villas to Visit in Tremezzina

A lot of construction in this gem of a town happened 18th to the 19th century which is when many of the magnificent villas and elaborate hotel resorts were built. If you like classy resort towns, Tremezzo Italy is an epitome of just that. Here you will see the amazing Lake Como coast peppered with villas of all types. From magnificent 18th century palaces to luxury villas and interesting architecture perfectly blended with the surroundings, you'll find it all here which is why Tremezzo is considered a tourism landmark of an international scale. 

  • Villa Carlotta - Known for its large, charming park and quite the amazing art collection within the beautifully structured walls of this famous 18th century villa located right on the water
  • Villa La Quiete - Known impressive grounds, architecture and for preserving the historical-artistic heritage linked to the events of the Montalve - a congregation founded in the 17th century
  • Villa La Carlia - Designed by Antonia De Carly, this lakeside villa has a beautiful garden overlooking the water as well as a tiny marina and quaint lodging option with incredible views.

Popular Communes Near Tremezzina

Lake Como is sometimes called Lario by the locals and has many exciting tourist attractions and destinations within Tremezzina but also, just across the shore and into Bellagio, a quaint Italian village with a stunning view. Just a little north of there, we have another lovely commune called Menaggio and directly across the lake from there - Varenna, all of them being worthwhile visiting material for anyone who appreciates the coast and water. 

Tremezzo Italy Map & Train Tips

To reach Tremezzo Italy by train, you can take a train from Milan to Como and then take a ferry or a bus to Tremezzo, which is quite scenic either way. For a different kind of a trip, you can take a train from Milan to Varenna Esino (the closest train station to Tremezzo across the lake. You will most likely have to transfer at Lecco or Monza, depending on which station you depart from in Milan. From Varenna you can take a ferry across Lake Como to Tremezzo which is a 15 minute float from shore to shore. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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