Trieste Italy
A Gorgeous Port City Close to Slovenian Border

Trieste Italy

Trieste Italy is a seaport city on a strip of land between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. City's strategic location between Italy and Slovenia made it an important one during the struggle between east and west following WWII. Trieste, located an hour and a half by car from Venice and it has its own peculiar character due to the influence imprinted on the city by various cultures. The moment you step into Trieste you breath culture, literature and art. The city resembles the looks of Central Europe such as Vienna, Prague or Budapest, but it still possesses true Italian character, which makes it a very unique location. Just like the city, Trieste cuisine is a mixture of flavours and tastes, which combine Mediterranean and Central European food traditions.

Trieste Weather

Trieste weather varies on the season and being close to the water, there are plenty of months for enjoying the sun and the warm water of the beautiful Adriatic sea. The summers are generally warm, with the nice weather starting around the end of May and lasting till almost the beginning of October. During this time you'll enjoy mostly clear skies with very little precipitation. July and August can be quite hot and humid but great for summer activities.

Winters are cold and partly cloudy with a chance of snow, especially up in the hills. Sometimes weather in Trieste can be quite rough during the fall/winter months with high winds which the locals call Bora. These winds sometimes reach over 100 km/h and can be accompanied by icy rain. Throughout the year, the temperature in Trieste Italy can be anywhere from 3°C to 29°C. The lowest temperature on average is -1°C, while the highest can be around 33°C. If you would like to partake in some summer related activities and soak in some great weather in Trieste, the best time to visit and enjoy the Barcola (famous local rocky beach) is from mid June to end of August.


More About Trieste Italy

Trieste Italy is a city that is hauntingly beautiful and will last in your mind for years to come once you visit and walk through the decorated streets. This city sees many boats come and go down the waterways to the other cities in the area. Trieste is located in the northeastern area of the country and it offers plenty of things to do and much to learn about the past.

Many know this city because of WWI, the annexation to Italy and the Fascist era as well. There are still buildings that are standing from this era, allowing you to take a look at them from inside as well as out with many tours available.

Popular Spots in Trieste Italy

There are plenty of places to go if this is the city that has your interest, whether you are staying in this city or if you are passing through.

  • Piazza Unita - There is a public square with landmark fountain right in the middle of the city. Piazza Unita is the largest square facing the sea in Europe. This is a public area with restaurants and shops around the inside of the area. Not only that, but you can find that just having lunch under the sun by the fountain is a great experience in this city.

  • San Giusto Castle - This castle, like many of them in Italy, is still standing and telling a story that so many want to hear and walk through. The beautiful architecture shows how the past stood and plays. Not only that, but this medieval fortress is also a museum, so you can walk through, experience the look and feel of the castle, but also learn through other pieces of history sitting inside.

  • The Vittoria Lighthouse - This lighthouse is one that provides the best views from the city out into the waters. The lighthouse welcomes everyone to come up and see from the top of the lighthouse. You can view the boats that are coming and going, or just view the stars from over the water.

  • Cattedrale di San Giusto Martire - This cathedral is filled with mosaics that really capture your attention and get you to look at the sunbeams that are coming through the colored glass. You can also find the Roman ruins that are what the building is made up of.

With everything from Roman ruins and exciting places to visit, nature to see, and water to splash in, you can find a bit of everything hiding around every corner. Trieste is thought of as one of the most prosperous of all cities in Italy and definitely one you want to spend some time exploring and learning more from. 

If you are ready to take a look at some of the top cities throughout Italy, then you might want to add Trieste to the list of cities to stop in. If you want to stay in a bustling city, then you can also find a bed and breakfast or high-end hotel to lay your head down in and enjoy your stay.

Trieste Map & Train Tips

Travelling by train to Tireste Italy is easy because it boasts its own railway station. Trieste Centrale railway station offers fast regional trains as well as intercity service. From here you can reach other great Italian destinations such as Venice, Padua, Bologna, Rovigo, Ferrara and many more. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

There is an airport close to Trieste Italy called the Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport. Here you can catch domestic flights as well as international flights to some other European destinations like Munich and Frankfurt. Find a Trieste map below to hep plan your travel itinerary. 

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