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Beautiful Northern City Full of History & Culture

Turin Travel

Turin travel is always intriguing because it appears to be off the tourists' radar due to its extreme north-western location, but nearly all of Italy's history leading to the unification was centralized here. City's large, majestic boulevards are complimented with contemporary art museums, architecturally interesting buildings and futuristic projects. You can see the Alps right to the northwest, allowing you to have a beautiful view and watch as the stars come up and the sun goes down.

Turin Weather

Turin weather is typical to the Piedmont region where the summers are usually short, humid, warm with mostly clear skies while winters are cooler, long with partly cloudy skies. Average temperature throughout the year can vary from 0°C to 29°C and rarely below -5°C or above 32°C. Best time to visit depends on the activities, for summer fun - late June to early September. Alternatively - if wanting to explore without overcrowding and enjoy some mild weather in Turin Italy, you may want to consider coming here in late spring and early fall.


More About Turin Travel

Turin is the capital of Piedmont and is in the northern area of Italy. This city is known mostly for the rich cuisine that is a must-try when you are in Italy and next to the city. Turin is world renowned for its food and one of the most famous dishes is the white truffle, served with pasta or risotto, a truly iconic dish to try while here.

There is probably no other city in the world with as many historic cafés still in operation. With the greatest number of cafe's per capita, you can soak up that literally atmosphere of the 19th century. Piazza San Carlo, one of the main squares of Turin, alone counts three of these famous historic coffee houses.

The baroque buildings are built to perfection and old the cafes are what lines the streets and beckon you to come in and try something delicious, whether it is a meal, freshly made coffee, or treats for on the go. The city also has more than one grand square with places to visit and things to do. They are the Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo. 

Turin Travel - Popular Attractions

If you are looking for something to do besides walk through the squares and visit the businesses that are there or have lunch by the areas that they are offering, then you can find more to do at these top places worth visiting. 

  • Egyptian Museum - This museum is different from the others in the country because it has Sphinxes, mummies, and ancient papyrus found within the area. They have plenty to show that have been dug up near the area, which is a great thing to see in person if you are ever in the area. It is clean and ready to allow visitors to walk through the hallways. After Cairo - this is considered world's second most important museum, not necessarily in terms of number of artifacts, but because of its outstanding quality.

  • National Cinema Museum - This museum is a landmark tower and it is based on the cinema, making it an ideal choice to see and check out for yourself. You can walk through the hallways and take a look at all that each one offers to the viewer. You can request a tour with someone who can explain each part of the museum in more detail.

  • Royal Palace of Turin -  Any royal palace is a palace worth checking out. You can walk through and see the many areas of the museum that stand out the most to you. You can also find that the museum has pieces of the past laying around on tables and in displays. It is also a current royal residence to those in the area, but you are not able to go into the area where they currently reside. 

Everyone is welcome to find the many things to do in the area. You can find the perfect place to spend your time in the city, whether you are staying for some time or just passing through. Turin welcomes one and all, especially those who want to learn more about this bustling capital city that has plenty to offer from the moment you arrive until you are ready to leave. 

Turin, as the Italian capital of chocolate, holds an annual 10-day-long chocolate fair, which is a haven for chocoholics from around the World. The famous gianduja, a hazelnut and chocolate paste at the origin of Nutella was created here and a chocolate-based staple of the city is the bicerin, a drink made of espresso coffee, chocolate and whipped cream.

Take a tour of the city for yourself and see all that is available for you to use. It is a great way to spend your time. Just make sure to stop by the beaches next door, because they are going to help you cool down after all of the time you spend in the hot city.

Turin Map & Train Tips

Turin travel by train is very convenient because it has its own station called the Torino Porta Nuova railway station. It offers all types of train service from high-speed, to fast regional trains and intercity service. From Turin, you can reach other great Italian destinations such as Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. Below you'll find a Turin map to help with planning your trip. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system.

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