Tuscany Beaches
Paradise for Sun-Bathers & Beach Lovers Alike

Tuscany Beaches

Just take a moment to imagine yourself miles away from home and work. You are completely stress-free, there is no one around to bother you or ask any thing of you. The beautiful Tuscan sun is shining down on you, the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas lap up and touch your toes and you feel more relaxed than you have in years. Now stop imagining and realize that all of this and more is possible with a visit to one of Tuscany beaches for that serene and peaceful experience.


Tuscany is located on the west coast of Italy - on the Mediterranean side. It has nearly 250 miles of coastline that border the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, and along this coast sit some of Italy’s most beautiful beaches. During the summer months, this region is extremely popular as locals and tourists alike, flock here to soak up the sun and bury their toes in the sand. The climate of this region is generally very mild, with much hotter temperatures in the months of June, July and August making it perfect for swimming and sunbathing in the summer. 

Areas with Spectacular Tuscany Beaches

  • Versilia - This area of Tuscany contains many beautiful beaches and is a high-end area that contains some of the nicest restaurants, hotels and boutique stores in the region. It is also well known for its nightlife. Most of the beaches here are “Blue Flag” beaches which means that they have been kept up to strict environmental standards and are clean and well kept. This area is perfect for those looking to lounge on the beach or wade in the water but some of the currents here can be strong and therefore swimming, especially for children is not recommended.

  • Livorno - This city contains some of the most popular beaches in all of Italy. Not only are the beaches here beautiful, they are also surrounded by seaside towns that offer some of the best Italian cuisine, gelato and trendiest bars of the area. If you tire of lounging in the sand, these towns offer shopping and dining experiences to please any traveler.

  • Grosseto - Beaches this city are perfect for both average beach-goers and the more adventurous at heart. The beautiful stretches of sandy coastline is perfect for spending the day soaking up the sun but it is also a great location for boating, snorkeling and scuba diving among the coral reefs. 

If the goal of your Italian vacation is to take some time for yourself to relax and kick back, then a beach vacation is the perfect choice for you. Tuscany beaches are sure to please as they offer the perfect combination of beautiful scenery and ideal beach weather in late spring to early fall. 

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