Valle d'Aosta Italy
Smallest & One of the Most Picturesque Regions

Valle d'Aosta Italy

Valle d’Aosta Italy or the Aosta Valley is the smallest region in all of the country and is located in the northwest. It is has a mountainous landscape and is bordered by France in the west, Switzerland in the north and by Turin in the south and east. This region covers 1,260 square miles and has a population of about 128,000. The Italian slopes of Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa and the highest peak Mont Blanc reside in this region. The region has a cold continental climate with a lengthy snow season that can last up to nine months. In the summer, the mist is frequent in the region. This region is known for its ski resorts, hiking trails, parks, and historical landmarks.


When you visit the Valle d’Aosta Italy, you will no doubt want to take a trip to the capital of the region Aosta. If ancient architecture is on your agenda, visit the walls that make up the town of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum. There are twenty towers, and they are in good condition along with original gates and streets. The Roman Theatre is also a wonder to behold. It is an ancient national amphitheater and has paved paths that allow for a closer look at your leisure. The Arch of Augustus and the Aosta Cathedral are also worth visiting.

If you love castles, the Aosta Valley has plenty to choose from. Some of the notable ones include Fénis Castle, Savoy Castle, Argent Castle, Saint-Pierre Castle, Issongne Castle, Sarre Castle, and Cly Castle. You will be in your element if you get a chance to visit some or all of these gems. 

The Valle d’Aosta is known for its ski resort, and there are popular resorts in the region which boast crystal clear skies and snow-kissed mountains. Some of the most popular ski resorts are Cervinia and Courmayeur. If you visit in the summer and walking and hiking are something you want to include on your trip, there are many options for you. If you’d rather see the mountains from a more comfortable spot, take a cable car ride at Monte Bianco. It not only offers stunning views of the mountains but can also get you to other points of interest such as shopping, restaurants and even vineyards. 

If you love the outdoors, the Gran Paradiso National Park has trails that lead through the forest where you can observe native animals and plants in their natural habitat. This is Italy’s first national park and a landscape of stunning beauty. The Lillaz Waterfalls is also located in the valley and are accessible after a short hike through breathtaking scenery.

Valle d’Aosta Italy is a small wonder tucked in the far corner of the country. But if you get a chance to visit there, you’ll see just how many good things come in small packages.

Valle d'Aosta Italy Map & Train Tips

If you are traveling to the main capital Aosta or other main cities, train travel is a breeze. The central Aosta railway station is located in the southern part of the city. Outside the city, it may be more difficult as trains don’t run in the smaller towns and mountainous regions. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country's railway system. 

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