Venice Holidays

Venice Holidays

Visit Venice! You'll be more than charmed with city’s appeal and authentic beauty. Venice will mesmerize you with a stress free, slow, Venetian lifestyle. The city is perfect for a romantic getaway or travel to in a group of friends. Venice is a city built on water in the middle of the lagoon. The lagoon surrounding Venice is rich with delicious fish and seafood, while Veneto, the region where Venice is located, is one of Italy’s most fertile and provides fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. Cross the Grand Canal to wander through the San Polo and Dorsodouro neighborhoods, and you’ll quickly submerge into "real Venice" and its labyrinth of alleys, canals, bridges, piazzas and elegant architecture. Venice’s vast architectural, artistic, and musical heritage is simply astonishing.

Venice Italy Travel Guide

Piazza San Marco

Otherwise known as St. Mark's Square.

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