Walking Tours Italy
Find Hidden Treasures While Strolling Around 

Walking Tours Italy

For those who like to stay active while immersing in cultural abyss, there are walking tours Italy to satisfy you needs. Whether trekking around ancient architecture in the bustling city of Rome or hiking in the snow kissed mountainside of the Dolomites, Italy offers walking tours for every type of traveler. Depending on how long and how far you want to walk, you can book a variety of tours that will take you on an exciting adventure using your own two feet. Tours can last a few hours or a few weeks depending on your preference. So let’s lace up our sneakers and investigate the possibilities for walking tours in Italy. 

If you’re an avid walker and love to hike, the mountain ranges of North Italy will be heaven on earth for you. Take a walking tour of the Dolomites and explore the region’s finest landscape on foot. Some walking tours even feature local cuisine and wine. You can sample fine wine and take a cooking class. A tour in this region will include a visit to Cortina d’Ampezzo which was where the 1956 Winter Olympics were held and a wonderful skiing and hiking resort town. Hiking in Corvara and a trip to Bolzano would also be included in this tour. Some tours are inclusive and include guides, meals, and accommodations, while others will be self-guided and give you the flexibility to choose where you want to stay and dine.

If this is your first trip to Italy, or you just love the historic city centres, walking tours of Rome, Florence and Venice are very popular. Depending on how much time you have, you can take in one, two or all three cities on various tours. Rome has many different types of walking tours. There are tours of the Vatican or tours of the Colosseum as well as Rome in a day tours that combine both of these sites and others. A tour of the “City of Water” or Venice can be breathtaking, especially on a close up walking tour. You can take in the site of Doge’s Palace and the Basilica, then take a trip to the Rialto Market. Visit a Venetian wine bar or take in a cooking class to round out your trip to this city. When you visit Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance, you’ll be delighted with a walking tour that includes many historic sites within a short distance. You can visit the Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell’Accademia which contain iconic works of art.  

If you’ve dreamed of walking under the warm Italian sun, a walking tour of Southern Italy is for you. Both the islands of Sicily and Sardinia have walking tours that combine their breathtaking landscape with historical sights. And the Amalfi Coast which is one of Italy’s fifty-four UNESCO World Heritage sites also has many walking tours. 

From north to south, walking tours Italy is an option that many visitors have grown to love. Whether you lace up your sneakers for a day or a week, taking your time to stroll around while exploring has never been more exciting and entertaining. With so many tours to choose from, you'll be sure to get a close up look at everything Italian and retain memories that will last a lifetime. 

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