A Wedding in Italy
Tie the Knot in a Romance Capital of Choice

Weddings in Italy

Imagine hearing the words "Here comes the bride…" - in Italy? Yes, it’s possible! More and more couples are tying the knot abroad and having their weddings in Italy at exclusive event venues, villas, palaces and more. So if you’ve always dreamed about a destination wedding in Italy, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s the capital city of Rome, the unique canal streets of Venice, the rolling hills of Tuscany, the magnificent Amalfi coast or the sunny south of Italy - you can get married wherever you want and whenever you want. The choice is up to you.

Getting to your destination wedding in Italy need not be complicated. If you are staying in Rome or the surrounding area, flights into Rome are ideal as it is a central location and often has direct flights. If you are staying in other areas, check out your options. If you want to fly into Rome and take the train to your journey’s end, that can be a fun way to travel as well. There are numerous connecting or non-stop flights for major cities in Italy including, Milan, Venice, Florence or Naples.

If you don’t like the busy season in Italy with the large crowds and peak prices, consider booking your trip in the months of April through June or the fall months of September and October. The weather is still pleasant in these months, but you won’t pay the prices you will have to if you select July or August. 

Getting married abroad has its rules and regulations, so be sure to check what they are and how to go about obtaining the necessary paperwork. If it all seems too overwhelming, you can always get a marriage certificate in your country of residence and then have a merely symbolic wedding in Italy. 

What better way to embrace your foreign destination than to incorporate some Italian customs into your ceremony. How about smashing a bottle or vase at the end of your ritual. This custom signifies that however many pieces the glass are left over, that is the number of happy years of marriage you will have. At the reception, try the Italian tradition that takes place after the first dance. Put a satin bag which is called a la boursa around your neck. As you make your way around the room, guests put money in it to have a first dance with you. 

Moreover, don’t forget about the fantastic Italian cuisine. Be sure to serve authentic Italian pasta and incorporate some local meats and cheeses. For dessert, consider a genuine Italian wedding fruit cake. For the wedding favours, give out candy-coated almonds. These delicious treats signify the sweetness of marriage. 

Whichever location, mode of transportation, traditions, and food you decide to have at your wedding, be sure to plan ahead for the best possible choice options. This day is a special one for every couple, and it can be even more special if you tie the knot in Italy!

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